I don't have fans in the summer,

I always lose in the winner,

I'm jumpy in the spring,

I always slip in the fall,

I always cry in the mourning,

I always dream in the daze,

But I'm happily sad-isfied.

I was always drawn to art,

Wish I was bright in lit,

Sometimes I believe in faith,

Can't count on my arithmetic,

My prose is amateurish,

Something's wrong when I start to write,

But I'm happily sad-isfied.


I'm never strong on the weakdays,

I feel like a pawn at knight,

I'm a sick dog that never heels,

A magician who's out of sleight,

But there’s no U's in crying,

Think I'll sitcom and watch TV,

Cause I'm happily sad-isfied.

I'm an orphan with no aparents,

A Jackal who’s lost his Hyde,

I'm a watt without an ohm,

A boy named Sue-icide,

I'm walking with defeat,

But I'll face what lies ahead,

‘Cause I'm happily sad-isfied.