Once upon a time in the National Enquirer,

I read about a man named Townes Van Crier,

He had a music club, a little cantina,

Girl friend’s name was Pasqualina.

          Lena from Saratoga, an actress by calling,

          Townes Van Crier – he was simply a Pawling


Mr. Crier loved women and music in his life,

And often begged Lena to be his wife,

One day, he hired a kid named Ciganer,

‘Cause little Phil knew all the words to If I Had a Hammer.

      Years later Mr. Crier died, and left in his will,

      A broken heart to mend and a cafe to fill.

Well Phil started fiddlin’ around with Lena,

He became her bow -- and she his misdemeanor,

Phil had big strong Beekman Arms,

While Lena was a Beacon of humor and charm,

They were the Duke and Duchess of the county, folksingers know,

With a touch of Tom Doolery, this Kingston Duo.

Phil and Lena kept getting it on,

Their just desserts, when the drapes were drawn, when the crepes were gone,

Many folk’n rockers they did befriend,

But this sweet story has a Bitter End.

People say the Turning Point was one starry, starry night,

When Caffé Lena fell in love -- with Open Mic.

Well, I guess if you looked at The Bottom Line,

Open Mic was a hoot with an axe to grind,

And even though he sees them coming down the pike,

Musicians, to this day, pick on Open Mic.

      And the reason they’re picking – yes the legend they admire,

      Is the man looking down, named Townes Van Crier.