B-A-C-H-M-A-N-N Project

Bill has mailed his B-A-C-H-M-A-N-N song to every Bachmann in the United States.  Many have written back and shared their own stories.  Here’s what they’ve had to say...

Hi Bill B-A-C-H-M-A-N-N,

What a neat song that is you sent me in which you vent your frustrations about people frequently dropping the final "n" in our last name. Along with your disc and note, I also received in the same mail a check addressed to me where my name was yet again spelled with the one "n". How's that for irony!

I really enjoyed your song and played it to some friends who also got a kick out of the witty lyrics and great musicality of the song.  As a child I spent 4 years in Thornwood, NY (not too far from your neck of the woods). But that was back in the 40's and when I returned about 15 years ago, I didn't recognize the area at all, for all the suburban building that had taken place in the interim.

If you ever get out to SF, don't forget to look me up. I shall look into ordering your CD and I see that Amazon is selling it.

Thanks again,

Werner B-A-C-H-M-A-N-N


I might as well add my feelings about your B-A-C-H-M-A-N-N song!

It is in both of my autos and it is a "right of passage" to ride in my car.  Most people like it, some are tired of it --- cause I play it so often.

We Bachmanns are a strange lot --- and we all get the same reaction to anything written.  It most of the time has the "n" dropped and it ticks us off.  We say "two n's" and they just don't hear us!

I am sure we have relatives in PA families.... we need to do some work to find out how we are related.  I know I am proud to be your "brother" as we have been google-mates for years now.  I do photography & you do songs.  We have now met & become friends and I have stayed at your lovely home & shared meals.  I hope you take me up on my offer to come visit my Florida home - especially with all your snow & cold.  Keep up the good work, brother.  I look forward to our next meeting.  In my car, the song will reign!


Another Bill BachmanN

Hi Bill,

It was a delightful surprise to get the CD that you mailed to me.

Thanks much.

My Bachmann’s came from Bavaria and emigrated to Newark, New Jersey around 1870. I grew up in Newport News, Virginia and the name was considered quite exotic there. What I kept running into was people looking at my name on a piece of paper and asking if Edward Buchanan was there. I still get called Buchanan but less frequently than in the past.


            Ed Bachmann

Received your cd today.  Really enjoyed it. Thanks

True story, I had an uncle that I walked past his house going to school every day and never saw him till he was dead and in his casket.

The reason.

He dropped the second n on the bachmann and the family dis-owned him

... Bill

Hi Bill,

My name is Luanna Bachmann.  Not sure how you found me in New York.  I moved back to Florida 6 months ago, and just got the CD!!!  My husband and I just loved it.

Thanks so much for that.

His Father thought it was great too.

Take Care,

Luanna Bachmann

You sent me, Caroline Bachmann, a CD with a song because we have the same family name..... I looked up your web site and saw the song BACHMANN .... I heard the sample and had to laugh.... all my life long my parents used to say, "Be sure the teacher puts on the last n." 

We are a lot of Bachmanns -  they will love your song and I told them about your web site with the list....

I don't know much about downloading mp3 music but I am sending your web address to my nephew who is also Bachmann of course.  He will get a kick out of it.... thank you and good luck


Hi Bill,

You found two Bachmanns in Colorado who really enjoyed your song.  Your mailing also provided an opportunity for us to share some sales and marketing advice with our clients and blog readers.  Thanks!  We hope you enjoy the post on our business blog.

Kind Regards,

Joanna Bachmann

Brother Bill,

Thanks for the CD  me and my family enjoyed it.  Enclosed is my 9/11 book (“Tara’s Cross”)being sold thru-out the country for the 10th Anniversary.  They're trying to make it a movie.  Maybe we could use your music as a sound track for the Movie.  Ha Ha!  We'll talk. 

Thanks again,

Brother George

PS - I thru in the Press Release about the history of the book and author.

Dear Bill,

Several weeks ago you sent a song on a disc to Bill Bachmann at this address.  In fact, there is no Bill Bachmann.  There is a Bill, but Bachmann is not his last name.  I also live here and my name is Marcy Bachmann.  Somewhere, some computer mixed us up and created Bill Bachmann.

However, your song is funny and charming and we got a kick out of it.  I plan to pass it along to my son Michael Bachmann.  Both he and I often find the last “N” in our names crossed off or dropped so the song is very appropriate.

My ex-husband Richard Bachmann, is the original Bachmann in our case.  He is an attorney currently living in Florida in case you are looking for another Bachmann to add to your mailing list.

This was fun,

Marcy Bachmann


Hey, my name is Josef Bachmann, son of Mr. and Mrs. Bachmann. I just wanted to say I really enjoyed that song and my whole family got a little kick out of it. It was very entertaining and a nice surprise! We all appreciate the little song you sent us and I hope you are doing well. Keep making that blue-grass magic. :D


Hello Bill, thank you for the CD!

Bill, what did you do, send a CD to every BACHMANN in U.S. that must cost a fortune..................perhaps we are cousins?

Dave Bachmann

Hi Bill

Don't know how you found my home address as a Bachmann, but we certainly did

get a kick out of your song.  As a picker myself (maybe a theme for another song -: Bachmann- trains, presidential candidates, and guitar pickers), certainly had fun playin along.


    Craig Bachmann


Thank you for the CD. Unfortunately I was unable to get to work in either portable CD player or my home stereo & I really didn't want to drop it in my computer.  So I checked out your website and heard the song - is it full length on your website or just a sample?    Fantastic...  I always tell people my name is "Bachmann mit zwei "N"..    I even have a have friend in the office that just calls me "Zwei N"   

I will be ordering a cd..   Do you use D'Addario strings?

Thanks again

John J. Bachmann, Jr.

Hi Bill-

What a hoot!  I was dubious about putting a cd from out of the blue in my computer, so I tried it in the car player.  I am still laughing.

I went right to iTunes and bought it so I hope you get your tiny royalty.

Thank you - it is most appropriate for us double N holdouts!

Mike Bachmann

Hi Bill,

Thank you for sending me your cd of the B-A-C-H-M-A-N-N song.  I thought it was great!   I have spent my whole life telling people to add second N, so I could really relate :))  I will definitely be checking out more of your music.  I will give this copy of CD to my nephew.  He is 15, and has been learning and playing guitar for the last couple years, and has gotten very good.  His favorite music is metal, but I am sure he will still appreciate it.

Have a great holiday, and thanks again!!



thank you for the CD

Linde and I like that very much

we are in the 70th and do not buy music any more

but I forwarded it with your web address to 2 of my brothers

and my 2 Son's

thanks Heinz & Linde Bachmann

Dear Bill

My name is Denise Bachmann. I received the CD you sent and enjoyed the song, thank you. I couldn't help but wonder how you decided to send it to me. Are we related or just fortunate to have the same last name? Enjoy the holidays!


Hello thanks for the CD but it was broke when I got it, you know I've tried to look up on to try and find more about the name Bachmann but I guess I’m just not good at that that so at least there are more people out there with our last name.

                                             Thanks  Rhett

(then, after receiving the mp3)    omg   wow that was great      Thanks  Rhett


I got the CD and both my wife Betsy and I got a chuckle out of the "missing n". Thanks we needed the chuckle

Bob BachmanN

Dear Mr. Bachmann, Hey Bill

what a surprise!!!! Thanks so much for your CD. My wife and I enjoyed your song very much, especially the words. We adore the american country music and this is not far away. So you produce music in NY?

How did you know about my address?? Du you know were your name goes back in history? The Bachmann's are mostly from 2 places in Switzerland. I am sure that your dad came over from Switzerland some time ago. We are from Switzerland and we stay every year for 6 month in The Villages, the rest of the time in the Caribbean (Antigua). That tells you that I am in Pension.

We wish you a merry Christmas and all the best for the 2012.

With greetings from Florida

Roland & Silvia


Thank you for sending me the B-a-c-h-m-a-n-n song.  I think we all have the same problem regarding the last 'N".  By the way, I will take it with me on Christmas and play it for the family.  They will get a kick out of it.

Also, I have a nephew who sings country and does an Alan Jackson Tribute show He is my sister's son so he has Bachmann blood in him.  One of the clan.

Thanks again for the CD. Have a very Merry Christmas and a happy and safe New Year.


Hey, Bill B-A-C-H-M-A-N-N

Thank you for the CD you sent me.  I am, going to play it in my car on a drive up to CT tomorrow to spend the holidays with my daughter and her family.  My son, Eric Bachmann, who is also a musician and has written and recorded MANY songs will be flying in from LA to join us.

I can't wait for him to hear your music on your website and I know he will send you a CD of some of his music!!!  You Bachmanns are talented men!

I have included his email address above so you can hopefully, get in touch with him, as he will, no doubt, get in touch with you!

Thanks again!  This is fun!

Peg Bachmann

Hi Bill!

        I'm a Bachmann with 2 Ns. A couple of my friends received your cd in the mail recently (I assume you sent out some copies to Bachmanns here in Florida). My father-in-law (Ronald Bachmann) says he has an uncle in the NY/NJ area and was wondering if you might be a relative. I though I'd drop you a line and ask if you would send a copy of the cd to us since daily we laugh daily about the missing N dilemma. It would certainly be a nice introduction to the rest of your music as well. If by chance the promo period is over, would you let us know how to order a cd?

                                Thanks and Merry Christmas,

                                  Andie Bachmann


from arizona bill bachmann

hi  i listened to your record.  ok stuff.  never thought i would hear my name in a song.  would you like a couple of my records?    bill

I received your CD in the mail the other day. I finally took the time to drop it in the CD player when my family was here for Christmas. I now understand why your note said that I would appreciate the song.  If I had a dollar for every time that I said, "Bachmann, with two n's," it would be like I won the lottery. :-)

We all were entertained and impressed by your song.

Thank you.

--- Tom Bachmann

(letter in the mail)

Hello Mr. Bill Bachmann,

We wish to thank you very much for the CD you sent to us.  I’ve made a habit of hearing it a lot.  I have one in my car, my husband’s pickup and one in the RV.  We do not have a computer so I had a friend where I sing Karaoke made me some copies and they will play in any thing.  I gave one to my two children and some to relatives.  They all like them.  Thanks again.  I am not a natural borne Bachmann but I’ve been married to one for 57 years so I figure that qualifies me.  Right?  I’m sending you a retirement card of us.  Sorry I’m writing so late but you know now the holidays are over.


Les and Annie Bachmann

Hi, I just received your CD with the song B-A-C-H-M-A-N-N on it!  It's very funny, and I always did find it annoying when people (especially) people who knew me well, would spell my last name with one N.  Hahaha

I was confused at the envelope at first because my Dad's name is Bill Bachmann. 

How did you find me?  There are a lot of Bachmann's out there, if you send this CD to all of them, you will be broke.  :)

-Charlene Bachmann

Hello Bill,

Just wanted to let you know I got your CD today and Loved it!!! Thank you so much.

Brenda M. Bachmann

hey bill thanks for the song! as you know it's a battle that we must fight every day...  great song bill.  this little ditty of mine is all i can offer in return.

thanks again you made my day.

Jim Bachmann

Thank you  !!! for the CD !! you just made my day, I've lost my job of over 25 years a bit ago and need all the uplifting I can get !! again thank you 

Kenneth Bachman"n"

Bill-I can't thank you enough for the wonderful song.  Yes, with the same last name you know THE problem.  Next to being called "Batchmann" the misspelling is the most annoying part of having the name.  Thanks again for the sharing your creativity and giving me a smile.


subjectdouble n

Hey Bill,  

I’m Jim Bachmann. Can’t tell You how happy Your song made Me. Thanks so much for sending the copy.



Hi Bill, Thanks for the CD, the first one arrived broken, then a second one came. It is a really cute song. Catchy tune. I will share it with my Bachmann family.

Thanks again,

Fran    frances bachmann

Hi Bill,

I received your CD and note today. Thank You.  It was a little weird when I seen it because my grandfather’s Name was Bill Bachmann.

Thanks again for the Song I really liked it and will pass it on to Family Members.

Ray Bachmann

Bill thanks so much for sharing the Bachmann song with me. I relate to your lyrics as you surely know. If I would get a quarter every time they left the second n off....   Nice job!


Paul Bachmann

(mailed from Missouri)

Dear Bill,

Thanks for sending the CD.  We have a traditional CD player, so I have not listened to it yet – but I am anxiously waiting to hear it.  Enclosed please find a little cash to help pay the postage and a little more.  Please send me a little information about your CD “Folk-n-Roller” or any other CDs you have.  My family roots are in Perry County, Missouri, near the small community of Farrar, about 90 miles south of St. Louis, close to the Mississippi River.  Does anything like that sound familiar?  Please note the cancellation date on the envelope – Leap Year Day. Hope all goes well with you.  Would like to hear from you.


Raymond Bachmann

Hi Bill! My parents received you cd in the mail......and we absolutely adored it! We have been re-spelling our last name since I can remember (my maiden name is Bachmann) ! A few of our family members also received it, although my grandparents are just figuring out what CD's are, so I'll make it down to visit them and play it for them. Thank you so much for taking time to include us in your love for the Bachmann name! We are out of Louisville, KY, and surrounding areas. Do you possibly have a video or link to the song so I can share it on faceboo with the rest of our Bachmann family members? If so I'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks again.

Yours Truly

The BachmanN family!

Tabitha Brennenstuhl

Hi Bill!

I received a pleasant surprise this week when I went out to the mailbox and pulled out an envelope from Bill Bachmann.  My initial thought was, "What did my dad send me?" Then upon further inspection, I realized the return address was New York.  I was thoroughly confused- my dad, Bill Bachmann, lives in Missouri.   Upon opening the letter, everything became clear.

Thank you for sending me the B-A-C-H-M-A-N-N song.  Although my last name is no longer Bachmann, I was still able to appreciate it.  It brought back a memory of a grade school year book where they spelled it with a 'k' AND only one 'n.'  If only everyone could here your song, then travesties like that one wouldn't happen.   I shared your music link on Facebook and tagged all of my Bachmann cousins.  They're sure to love the song; it just may become our family anthem.

Thanks again!


I live 12 miles from Florence Jct.  My old address was 10540.  Have a good one,

Bill (a self-described “Mandlin” player who included his own CD called Winter Roses)


Thank you for the CD. Yes, we know the problem with the two n! But we life in Switzerland, there it is normal. We are two times a year in Colorado for vacation. We are retired so most time we travel around.

Now we are back in Switzerland and are enjoying the time here.


Thomas Bachmann

Hi , Just to thank you for the c.d. We did enjoy it. We could relate to the fact that folk's do forget the N letter almost all the time it seem's  You  are quite clever to   compose a song about the B.A.C.H.M.A.N.N. NAME we love it. thank you

Marie Bachmann 

The Bachmann's

Just wanted to drop you a note and tell you how much I enjoyed your song.  I enjoyed it so much I decided to check out your website but could not open it.  Then I realized I was leaving off one N.

Thanks again for the clever and professionally done song.

Rich Bachmann

I am Susan Bachmann Fry –

Hey Bill!  Thank you so much.  I loved it, and the “Bachmann Project.”  Great song! Made me smile. I will pass it along to my brothers and sisters.  By the way, my brother lives in Phili...his name is Bill Bachmann too. And, say hi to your sister – Sue – for me ... Smile!

My cousin told me some of the song – about dropping the “n” – which is so funny because that was one thing that would put my DAD over the top when someone did that. His ears would start turning RED!  He would always say – It is Bachmann with TWO N’s!!! And as kids, none of us had better get lazy and leave off the “n” when we wrote it!

I would love to know if we are somehow related.  Let me know who your parents/grandparents were and there birthdates and place of residence. Our Bachmann family came from Hard, Austria.


Sue Bachmann-Fry


I just received your CD in the mail and listened to it on the way to work this morning.  I loved it!  Very funny.  We are having a Bachmann family reunion in the SD/MN area in a couple weeks, and this song will no doubt be the hit of the day...I expect some serious dancing to be happening.  Thank you for your generosity and sharing your talent.  I will be sure to share your website with my family.

Best regards,

Jim BachmanN

good day Mr Bachmann. Thank you for the cd.

Are you related to the owner of (Bachmann’s Trains and a lot more) in New York City. And also where are your people from?

My  Father came from Russia by way of Germany in 1906 at the age of 12. Evidently they came across Canada by train and settled in the Dakotas from ellis Island.   And a lot of them dropped the last (((((Thumbs down)))) also for whatever reason. A bit of a problem when people drop a letter at the end.


Harlin Bachmann

Hello Bill,

    This is a long overdue thanks for the CD.  I like your song not only because it has my last name in it, a lot of people over the years have left off the last N.


    George Bachmann

Hi Bill,

I know it's been months since you sent the CD to my father, Gerard Bachmann, but I'm finally responding. Unfortunately my Dad passed away 2 years ago so he never got to hear your song. He lived with me and I took care of him for 8 years and really wish he could have heard it because he had a great sense of humor and was a very proud Marine and very proud of his name .It's funny because that used to drive him crazy too when they forgot the last N.

My brothers and sisters and I truly enjoyed it. I have it and will keep it forever. I thank you.

I was going through my Dad's papers recently and found things such as old bank books,furniture orders from like the fortys, etc., and they forgot the "DANG" last N off the end of Bachmann..and I thought of you....

Thank you again,

Elaine BachmaNN Mennetti

Hi Bill,

Thank you for your "catchy" little ditty about the Bachmann name.  I, too, am very adamant about that final n -- please don't drop that n.  More than once I've had to call attention that there must be two n's at the end.  I had a Scandinavian surname, so I think the Bachmann name is very dignified and have taught my children to be proud of it and not bring disgrace.

Thanks again - it was very special and thoughtful.


Tom and Shirley Bachmann

(parents of Jim, Jeff and Jari Bachmann)