BILL BACHMANN Press    (July 23, 2011)  by Suzanne Glass

“Not every lyricist could pull off the humor aspect like Bachmann.  It’s brilliant and corny at the same time...Only a guy with a sharp brain and an eye for the ironic could write this music.”

FolkWorld (July, 2011)  by David Hintz

“Bachmann knows what he his doing with a guitar and a song... The humor and cleverness of these songs can carry your listening pleasure a long, long way.”

Country Chart Magazine    (May 2011)

“Unafraid and uncompromising...the 14 track album proves a rollicking good time that lives up to its name a hundred times over...a full range of emotion from slapstick silliness to deep despair in a laid-back style that few artists can convincingly pull off.”

Roll Magazine: Creative Living in the Hudson Valley    (May 2011)  by Crispin Kott

“Barely stopping to catch his breath from track to track, Bachmann serves up a collection of wry tunes that may put the listener at risk of injury from persistent toe-tapping or air guitar plucking...Folk-n-Roller is Hudson Valley roots music at its best, the perfect soundtrack to boat rides along the Hudson, drives through the Catskills or good times with friends on the front porch”

Daily Freeman     (April 29, 2011)  by David Malachowski

“Fun, clever and admirable in his quest to raise alliteration to an art form, Bachmann out does himself here...his guitar work is solid as a rock, a foundation if you will, for it’s the words that Bachman is all about.  I mean Bachmann.”

Ariel's     (April 26, 2011)  by Rhonda Readence

“Folk-n-Roller is truly an album of fantastic songwriting and Bill Bachmann is a wordsmith of the highest order.  This alone will attract a variety of listeners, but when you combine his original lyrics with his instrumental talent, you have a very well-rounded offering of 14 songs that range from extreme country, to folk, to jazz and blues.  Bachmann is as diverse as he is talented and Folk-n-Roller is a delight to listen to.  The feet will be tapping and the mind will quickly absorb the intellect of the lyrics.  The humor found within the album is refreshing, but there are many pieces that are deep and thoughtful, with lyrics that will hit home in the hearts of many.  Bachmann has successfully created a brilliant album that is perfectly well-balanced and wonderfully written.”

Ariel's    (April 19, 2011)  by Matt Warnock

“Bachmann proves that he is a true artist with this record, one that can balance satire with legit songwriting in a highly personal and unique fashion...strong vocals from the multi-talented, multi-instrumentalist...a true wordsmith and his songs are built around his clever manipulation of words and observations on today’s world...Is there anything Bachmann can’t do as a singer-songwriter?”

Wildy's World      (April 12, 2011)  by Wildy Haskell

“Bachmann continues to make magic in music on Folk-N-Roller.  As songwriting goes, this is a 'WOW' moment… As a guitar player, there are few more accomplished than Bill Bachmann.” (April 9, 2011) by Dan MacIntosh

“...consistently funny... there are more than enough memorable songs on this 14-track release to give Bill Bachmann a thumbs-up.  He proves that it is entirely possible to truly rock, even when armed with little more than an acoustic guitar and a good sense of humor.  Let’s hope a smart audience discovers these rocking folk gems soon.”

Folk and Acoustic Music Exchange   (March 24, 2011) by Mark S. Tucker

“Bachmann's nothing if not clever as hell…A master of the pun as well as a deft surgeon with words qua words… [Big World Out There] made me an instant fan; 2011's Folk 'n' Roller only reinforces that affinity…Too damn hilarious.”

Muse’s Muse Reviews  (March 20, 2011) by Cyrus Rhodes

“…He’s definitely one of those guys that’s a whole lot of fun to listen to…Note for note, song for song, there isn’t really a weak piece on this entire catalog…What's even more impressive is how Bill Bachmann played all these instruments himself with no outside assistance…He’s infectious - & this CD will suck you in like a drug.”

Folkwords (March 8, 2011) by Tim Carroll, U.K.

“Bill Bachmann needs no comparison…razor-sharp lyrics and a satirical edge that takes no prisoners…another guitar and lyrics masterclass...songs that touch raw emotions…outstanding guitar work with super-slick changes of gears and styles…”  (February 22, 2011)  by Abbey K. Davis

“Folk-n-Roller perfectly describes the extraordinarily clever way Bachmann tells stories while playing complicated and interesting music at the same time... There’s simply no end to Bachmann’s unique way of talking, singing, and writing...

Bill Bachmann has delivered a near-perfect album that never disappoints or steers into anything less than what you’d hope for.  You’ll do more than enjoy Folk-n-Roller - you’ll absolutely love it.”

KRFC-FM (August 17, 2010)  Zach Kaplan, “Folk Era Lite,” Fort Collins, CO

“Here’s a fellow that is rapidly becoming one of my favorite singer-songwriters – Bill Bachmann.   He just writes some really funny stuff - a very talented gentleman.”

Roll Magazine (Feb-Mar, 2010) by Crispin Kott)

“You’re not likely to find a more perfect song title than the second track on Bill Bachmann’s new album, Big World Out There. With a harrowing slide guitar its driving force, “Just Shoot Me I Hate My Life I Wish I’d Never Been Born Blues” tells an angry tale as amusingly as it’s possible to do…. the rest of the album contains far more humor and warmth than anyone should reasonably hope for…. the skilled guitar, friendly vocals and general tone are well worth the price of admission.”

Wildy'sWorld (January 22, 2010)  by Wildy Haskell

“Bachmann's latest effort, Big World Out There, is a master class in marrying storytelling to song craft…..The ironic part is that guitar might be Bachmann's second talent, as there are few in the Folk world or out of it who can tell a story with quite the same zest, wit and intelligence without compromising the inherent musicality of a song…..Vacation is something of an instant classic….Bachmann ratchets up the humor on Giant Can Of Paint, an entertaining Bluegrass romp that might be irresistible even if you're not much of a Bluegrass fan….(re Just Shoot Me…)Dark humor and serious Blues chops mix here to create a virtuosic performance….he can hold a crowd in thrall with his down-home folksy wit and intelligence; not to mention a musical touch that's almost magical.  Big World Out There got to us a bit late to be considered amongst our top albums of 2009, but don't be surprised if it inhabits a number of critic’s lists for last year.” (January 4, 2010)

“Big World Out There” CD is nominated for Indie-Music’s Top 25 Releases of 2009, as 80 CDs have been nominated out of 2400.

Folk and Acoustic Music Exchange (October 24, 2009)  by Mark S. Tucker

“This guy has an extremely clever way with lyrics, first of all, and, in a world of facile versifying, that's a huge relief…Satire, turns of phrase, parody, and outright guffaws are packed into this CD…Bachmann plays and sings everything, wrote it all, and recorded every moment…I dare ya to find a release quite the equal of this. And you'll have to do so on your own, 'cause I ain't lettin' loose of my copy.” (October 15, 2009)   by Jamie Anderson

“The blues and bluegrass cuts are especially well-played. I don’t know if that’s him on the guitar but there’s some pretty nice picking going on, the kind that sounds good on a recording but really burns it up at a live show.”…..One of the stand-out cuts is “This Song is Called This Song is Called” - I’ll bet this one is often requested at his shows.……“Closet Closet” - Freakin’ brilliant. It motors along in a finger-picked blues style.…….Of his serious tunes “Bad Blood” is my favorite. With lyrics like “Opposites tend to attack” and “Bad blood never runs down the drain” you can’t go wrong.”

The Dr. Demento Radio Show (October 11, 2009) - Show #09-41

“So Much Time, So Little To Do – you know I used to have days like that when I was a kid.  Well, except for the wine, anyway.  But not lately.  That’s Bill Bachmann – find him and his clever, original songs in folk style at – 2 nn’s in Bachmann.”

Ariel's (Oct. 7, 2009)   by Janie Franz

“It is Bachmann's wit with a lyric that has caused more of a stir than his undeniable skills at guitar … great vocals by Bachmann and Alyssa Bachmann … terrific slide guitar … slick guitar fingerwork… The album is a mix of some very clever and extremely funny tunes…”  (Sept. 20, 2009)   by Barney Quick

           “…Simplicity - unpretentiousness, to be truly precise - has been folk music's most dependable characteristic. Bill Bachmann embodies this ethos admirably and with supreme craftsmanship… 

           ...As the songs on his new album, "Big World Out There," make clear, he's just a regular guy, albeit one with a sharp wit and keen sense of observation. His songwriting approach generally falls into two broad categories: clever, humorous use of the craft for purposes of wordplay and whimsy, and personal, poetic takes on the moments and corners of life and reality that are the stuff that always intrigues artists.  He’s good at both…

           …Of the whimsical type, the best offerings here are "Reds That Cincinnati Came to See," which delves into that baseball franchise's history with some really astute rhyming, and "Giant Can of Paint," which goes all-out in its embrace of playfulness, depicting grass turned blue by a can of paint dropping from the sky.

           …The hands-down winner on this album is the ghostly "Upstate Towns." It's a painting in music, with a melody the listener would never be able to predict, ethereal synth strings, and vocal harmonies that reinforce the feel of the refrain masterfully. That poignant humanity is Bachmann's undeniable strength.”

WFUV-FM - (Aug. 30, 2009)   Bob Sherman “Woody’s Children” 

“Let’s meet another first-timer on Woody’s, though it is possible that we have encountered Bill Bachmann before, ‘cause he’s been a backup or lead guitarist for  … lots of other folk artists.  On his own though, Bill, well, how shall I put this – let’s say a punny thing happened on his way to the studio.”

“Inside jokes aplenty in Bill Bachmann’s delectable ballad of Townes Van Crier and Pasqualina.”

Broken Records Magazine (June/July 2009) by Noelia Tarquino

“There’s no doubt that Bill Bachmann knows how to play his guitar.  … Folk and Americana listeners will appreciate Bachmann’s music for its simple yet piercing lyrics… his vocals compliment his sound as well… impeccable guitar-strumming during the intro of “Big World Out There.”

Avalonfest   (July 10, 2009)

Selected as one of four finalists in the Avalonfest 2009 Performing Songwriter Competition.

WFDU-FM – (June 28, 2009)   Bill Hahn, Fairleigh Dickinson University 

“Sometimes material comes in and you say, ‘Hey this is a really terrific album I’m going to play a lot of it.’  So we always start with that one and then feed into it a little bit later on again in the program.  I think this is one of those albums … You’re gonna love this piece.  I mean I think you’re gonna love it.  You better love it.  If not, I’m gonna cry, stamp my feet, whatever… anyway – this fellow’s name is Bill Bachmann and the piece is called This Band Is Your Band. ”

Daily Freeman (April 10, 2009)   by David Malachowski

“Bachmann brings a sense of history with his tunes that recall a time when words were as important, if not more, than flashy licks and vocal gymnastics.”

Bluesbunny Music Review  (March 18, 2009)

“…Bill Bachmann can handle the guitar well and the songs on this album would fit neatly into the portfolio of any self respecting Greenwich Village folk song salesman.…this is a likeable and well performed album that never seems to be trying too hard...”

…maybe timeless would be a better word - feel to these songs…”