You don’t need a microphone, you don’t need a band,

You can stand on your head, with a guitar in your hand,

Wear your Blue Suede Shoes, and a chip on your shoulder,

You can still play the blues, when you’re a Folk-n-Roller.

Folk-n-Roll, Clapton with no Cream,

Folk-n-Roll, Freddie with no Queen,

Folk-n-Roll, and if you want to sound fuller -  You can play a 12 string, when you’re a


You can still play covers of the Doors and the Byrds, write

Lyrics to your lover, with intelligent words,

Sing a protest song, to a baby in a stroller,

No, you can’t do much wrong, when you’re a Folk-n-Roller.

Folk-n-Roll, Marley without the Wailers,

Folk-n-Roll, Eddie with no Van Halers,

Folk-n-Roll, and if you want to look cooler,

You can still pierce a tongue, when you’re a Folk-n-Roller.


You can wake up Chopin in his grave, you can

Be a Soul Man, like Sam and Dave, you can

Sing in a thong if that’s what you choose, or write a complex song of algorithms and blues.

Folk-n-Roll, Glenn Frey minus the Eagles,

Folk-n-Roll, it’s Paul without the Beatles,

Folk-n-Roll, Jerry Lieber with no Stoller,

You can still write a hit, when you’re a

Folk ‘n’ Roller.

Folk-n-Roll, Bowie with no glam,

Folk-n-Roll, Levon with no Band,

Folk-n-Roll, Zappa with no Mothers,

Folk-n-Roll, Jonas with no Brothers,

Folk-n-Roll, Crosby with no Stills,

Folk-n-Roll, Jagger with no pills,

Folk-n-Roll, sometimes I howl and hoot and holler,

Baby “I Feel Good” when I’m a Folk-n-Roller.

Gimme that old Folk-n-Roll.