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Folk-n-Roll, This New Hip Song, B-A-C-H-M-A-N-N, Your Old Man, These Are The Days, D.C. Blues, Stuck Here Instead With You, Kill That Other Beer, Happily Sad-isfied, Too Late, Candy Man, The Avedon Ball, Old MacDonald, Savin’ The Things I Love


Big World Out There:

Big World Out There, Just Shoot Me I Hate My Life I Wish I’d Never Been Born Blues, Bad Blood, Closet Closet, Upstate Towns, This Band Was Your Band, Reds That Cincinnati Came To See, Vacation, A More Perfect Union 11/4/08, The Ballad Of Townes Van Crier And Pasqualina, Giant Can Of Paint, It Won’t Be Long, This Song Is Called This Song Is Called, So Much Time So Little To Do, One Great Date

Flight of the BumBillB:

Size Don't Matter on a Banjo, I'm a Real Man, Telecasterbator, Big Bad Josh, Schtickin and a Pickin, Those Gosh Darn Pesky Blues, Double Negative, Buffalo to Washington, Full Moon, Girls and Boys in the Ivy, Male Is in the Czech, Pissed Off at Christoph, Check Writers in Disguise, Santa's Claws Are Coming to Town

Folk-n-Roller (2011)

Big World Out There (2009)


Flight of the BumBillB (2023)