1)   Folk-n-Roll short.mp3   Musicians Without Borders.

2)   This New Hip Song.mp3  Take this blues and call me in the morning.

3)   B-A-C-H-M-A-N-N.mp3 Don’t cast that spell on me.  Good old new bluegrass.

4)   Your Old Man.mp3  Parents and children – can’t live without ‘em. 

5)   These Are The Days.m4a  Circles of days, cycles of fifths, and a decoration of alliteration.

6)   D.C. Blues.m4a  Presidents and precedents.

7)   Stuck Here Instead With You.m4a  Lucky to be alive.

8)   Kill That Other Beer.m4a  Shots, drafts and rockin’ droll.

9)   Happily Sad-isfied.m4a  If you listen to only one guitar solo this year …

10) Too Late.m4a  The overdue love song.

11) Candy Man.m4a  Modern takeoff on an ancient classic.

12) The Avedon Ball.m4a  The portraits came alive and looked around.

13) Old MacDonald.m4a  He believes in Gourd and he digs fun-guys.

14) Savin' The Things I Love.m4a  Life, love, loss and just a touch of disposophobia.

Big World Out There:

1)   Big World Out There.mp3 A personified tribute to music. 

2)   Just Shoot Me I Hate My Life I Wish I'd Never Been Born Blues.mp3  Blues slide guitar; black humor about life and strife. 

3)   Bad Blood.mp3  Serious, edgy ballad; communication and relationships

4)   Closet Closet.mp3  Humorous wordplay.

5)   Upstate Towns.mp3 Eerie ballad; life, love and loss.  

6)   This Band Was Your Band.mp3  Woody Guthrie meets the Beatles

7)   Reds That Cincinnati Came To See.mp3  Baseball and the color red.

8)   Vacation.mp3  A road trip through the alphabet.

9)   A More Perfect Union 11-4-08.mp3  Election night ‘08; reflective and hopeful.

10) The Ballad of Townes Van Crier and Pasqualina.mp3  A “talking blues” homage to music clubs and club owners. 

11) Giant Can Of Paint.mp3  Bluegrass; humor, harmonies and hot picking.

12) It Won't Be Long.mp3  Folk-rock; serious song about troubling times.

13) This Song Is Called This Song Is Called.mp3  Bluegrass tongue-twister.

14) So Much Time, So Little To Do.mp3  Tongue in cheek about life in the slow lane. 

15) One Great Date.mp3  The quantities and qualities of love and life.