It was ten to one,

The odds against me, even, I was stunned,

More than a friendship then had just begun,

I meant to mention I was twenty-one,

Then it was two to two,

The score was tied, the score I played for you,

Beneath the music sheets I’d wait for you,

Conduct the suite I’d orchestrate for you,

(Hum the melody)

Then it was one two three,

Here’s one to you, the one to be for me,

A none too many wondrous days had we,

I wondered if we two could stay so free,

Then it was two past ten,

Twelve years of memories took us way back when,

We two were hopelessly in love back then,

It’s time to play this melody again.a

(Hum the melody)

And now it’s two ought eight,

Two became three one night we stayed up late,

All the years just seem like - one great date,

I hope these feelings never dissipate.